SheUn Part 3

Part 3 of SheUN abnd News Flash !te


It's been a while since I updated this page. I have been posting regular announcements on the Facebook page but admittedly I have neglected  this page. Well I think it's time to let you guys know when this book is actually coming out!  Previously I had posted that I would be releasing the book in conjunction with a Kickstarter campaign in July 2017. I have had to push that date back a little, but now that the art work for Part 3 is completed I can say with certainty, that the Kickstarter Campaign will happen in October 2017. Sorry for the delay but I will make it worth the wait. Yea!!! 
I will be inviting people to participate in a modest kickstarter campaign where by,  you'll be able to get the book at a significantly  discounted price AND there will be opportunities to get lots of cool Stuff like original pages from the book, 3D prints etc. More will be reveled as the release date gets closer.

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